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The Life of a Super Organized Mum

Friday, January 15, 2010

Last Post

Thank you everyone for all of your kind words about the new site : ) Today's post will be the last one coming up on blogger so please come on over to the new site tomorrow for a sneak peak post on nursery organising. I have some fun stuff planned for new week on the refreshed blog.

The team will be doing a wonderful link soon so if you come here you will be sent right on over to the new site : )

We have been working really hard to get this site up and working but please be patient whilst we get the links etc working !! All of my old posts and photos are now on the new site and are categorized to make it really easy for you to search for old posts !!

Menu planning

Whilst spending some time this past few weeks updating things around the house for the new year I also gave our little menu planner an update : ) I am thinking this will be something I do every year along with changing the planner routine and making a new calendar. I touched a little on this planner in my very first blog post back in June, since then this great download has become available on the Becky Higgins website in an word document so you can edit it which is even better!! It will not let me link the exact post for some reason but it is the November 10th post.

I have been using this simple planner for most of last year and our family LOVES it. Simon said it is one of the best things I have implemented in our home recently- so I was pretty happy with that : ) I love not hearing the "What's for dinner" question all day long as that we all know what we are having for the whole week. I love that it has gotten us into a great little routine of sitting down on a Sunday night at some stage and spending 10 minutes talking about the up and coming week and what we have on. Under each day of the week there is a what's going on section- this is where you can write a basic message about what is happening on that day. I have all of this info in detail in my planner but it is just a reminder in reference to dinner plans.

We then chat about what frozen meals we have pre prepared and what meats we already have in our freezer to make meals out of- this cuts down unnecessary trips to the shops and extra cost. And that is really it. There is not a lot to it- it's a pretty easy system to work with and we love it. The meals often change depending on the day of who feels like cooking etc so it really is just a guide but it is every so helpful- as is looking back through the previous months meals for inspiration. I hope that explanation helps those of you that asked.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Documenting a pregnancy

I decided when I fell pregnant that I would refuse to fall into the trap of doing nothing for baby boy #2 as he is out second child. I want him to have the same documented memories as Flynn did and so I have made sure that we did the same weekly pregnancy shots as we did for our first pregnancy. Something I am doing a little differently is I am also journaling a little each week, this will be great to look back on over the next few years as you tend to forget so much once the baby comes along.

I try to keep up to date with this project every Monday night and then when I get my photos developed I put it all together in the album. Sorry in advance for the terrible photos but these were the best I could get. So here are a few of the layouts I have completed, this would also be a great project to do for a new baby or as a beginner scrapbooker as a little book like this (6x6) is really easy to put together.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking forward to receiving my kit.

I know a lot of you ordered a Project Life kit and I was so excited to received the update email last Friday to say that the kits were on their way !! I am so looking forward to receiving my kit and getting started on this years amazing journey. I loved doing the project last year but there are a few things I want to do differently this year in an attempt to tell more stories about what we are doing. This year I journaled when I got my photos developed and put them in the album, this was ok but it meant that the stories were not being told in the moment and as I would usually do 1-3 weeks at a time.

So I am going to change a few things for this year.
1. I am going to take the journaling cards with me and journal throughout the week- in the moment. I am hoping this will help me to tell my stories in more detail and more in the moment.
2. I am going to put my entire album together when I get it as I am going to be really busy this year so this will be one less thing to do : ) Dating the weeks gives me one less thing to do during the year.
3. I am going to try and do some multiple photo 6x4 prints (you can get these done at Big W) instead of thinking I have to choose one favourite photo per day.

I hope you are all coming on this exciting journey, I can absolutely guarantee you that you will not regret one minute of participating in this project. The end product is something you will treasure forever.

Here is one of my shots from last week. Just Flynn creating some Australis day art, you can't see it in this photo but there is a die cut of Australia tapped to this paper that Flynn is "colouring" on. I am going to make these into some little cards which I will be sharing soon.

New website

So the news !! Some of you noticed last night that when you came to my blog it looked very different !! For a little while last night you were auto directed over to my brand new blog site Here . Doesn't it look awesome? I was approached by the wonderful owners of Beyond the Baby a few weeks ago with and idea/ proposal to move my blog across to their amazing sight.

When I first received this email I quite literally read it over and over about 4 times nearly fell off my chair and ran and got my husband who was as surprised as me!! Someone reads my blog and really likes it LOL!!!! Anyway the idea was that I would move my blog and all of the existing work over to their lovely site where I would have access to their great team to help me make the blog look amazing- I am really website challenged to the more help the better and also to have the opportunity to bring to you my readers some great resources : )

The other reason I felt that this was the right decision was the owners of Beyond the Baby love the blog just the way it is, so rest assured the content you have been reading for the last 7-8 months will not change : ) Another great opportunity was the idea to have a forum linked to the blog with an organizing section where you could all chat about organization an share photos and ideas : ) How great is that !!

And so in about a week or so when the blog looks just right (we have had a few issues with some photos not transferring over etc) you will be auto directed over to the brand new site : ) So in the meantime come on over to the forum (click on the word forum to take you there) and join up into our organizing section and come and say hello !! I look forward to seeing you over there.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Expect some super fun blog changes coming over the next few days : ) I will explain in further detail VERY soon but for now I will keep you in suspense !! Please don't panic if the blog goes down for a little while at some stage whilst we are getting everything in order.

Weekend fun at the Lake

We had such a fun time over the weekend : ) We went up to a Lake about an hour away from our home to have a picnic and go for a swim. Flynn had such a great time, he had this gorgeous smile planted on his face all day, it was so sweet. I love doing family activities where we just all hang out together, it was a day of family and friends and I couldn't think of a better way to spend our Saturday. These are the days that enrich your memories as a child and the ones I want to make sure we create with Flynn.

Doesn't this place just look like heaven : )
Someone was getting a little tired by here ...
And we can't go out anywhere without baby brother making an appearance- as embarrassing as it is he has to actually pull my top up to talk to his new friend!! It is a little bit cute though : )