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The Life of a Super Organized Mum

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Forgotten Blog : (

My poor forgotten blog, my laptop is broken and so I have had all sorts of issues over the last few days trying to get it all sorted out but I am back !!

Pantry Organization is what I am going to be talking about today!! I love a good well stocked and well organized pantry it makes shopping, life and cooking in the kitchen so much easier. I love to use the Tupperware Modular mates as they are great containers, they are really long and also come in heaps of size, you also get a lifetime warrenty!!! I started by listing all of the things that I would normally keep in my pantry and then I worked out what size container I would want/ need. The size of the container is going to depends on what size package you like to buy.

I like to buy a lot of my food in bulk so I got a lot of large containers for things like flour and sugar as I alwasy use these in cooking and hate to run out. Where this system makes shopping easier is that you can just open the pantry and glance in to see what you need to buy more of.

This is only one side of my pantry, the other side is cans, spreads and Flynn's food etc. The great thing about cooking with a pantry like this is everything is really easy to find and also put back in the right spot. I like to label all of my containers so I know what is in there. I have two different labels on ifferent ends for some of them as I often alternate what goes in there. I use the dymo label maker with the white refills.

So the challenge for the week for my readers is to go and re-organizer your pantry!! Good luck


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