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The Life of a Super Organized Mum

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A single (for a night) mums dinner

So Simon travels a fair bit for work which can make my life a little bit more complicated and hectic and it can require some more organizing and pre-planning on my part. So last week when Simon was out for work for a few nights it was tempting to just go and get takeaway (I am sure I am not alone feeling that after working all day!). It is sometimes really hard to muster up the energy to cook a healthy meal for you family after you have just worked a 10 hour day.

I personally found dinner a lot easier when I was at home during the day as I would pre plan and pre chop a lot of the dinner and in winter I would use the slow cooker heaps!! But now that I am working full time I have to shift focus to either using a pre cooked meal or cooking something when I get home. Shopping in bulk helps a lot with meal times as we mostly always have on hand what we need and also meal planning helps as well.

Unfortunately none of this cooks the dinner for you though!! So on this night I found the energy from somewhere and made up this super quick stir fry with noodles- Flynn loved it and it was really easy. I thought about all the hastle of going down to order takeaway noodles and realized that sometimes cooking is actually quicker and easier and it is most definitely a lot cheaper. This meal cost about $12 and made a meal for both Flynn and I and also all of the left overs below. So now I can freeze the rest and make my life easier for another hectic night of the week.


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