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The Life of a Super Organized Mum

Monday, August 24, 2009

Places we go.

I saw a great layout a few years ago in a magazine entitled "Places we go". It was an fabulous idea about documenting the regular places you go such as your local park, shopping centre, where you eat out, swim etc.

So a few days ago I went out on a very raining day and attempted to capture some of the places around our house that we like to go. This will be a great memory to look back on as these places will change as your children grow and start going to school or if you move suburbs or states in a few years. I am going to duplicate this layout for both Flynn's album and also our family album. I will share it when it is complete. I will be typing up some journaling for this one (which I don't normally do) explaining the places and how often we frequent them.

The Main street in our suburb-
Where we do our grocery shopping every week- One of our favourite local parks where we can feed the ducks- Where we go to swimming lessons-

Gosh looking back on these photos I am going to have to go back out on a nicer much sunnier day and reshoot as these pictures are so grey and depressing!!! Oh well at least I know the best spots to go now for shoot #2.


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