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The Life of a Super Organized Mum

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tomorrow's to do list.........

It's a long one!! I tend to write a to do list when I know I have a lot to get accomplished the following day. I have been away all week at a work conference and so I have a lot more to do tomorrow than normal. Here is mine for Sunday-

1. Blog postings with photos
2. Pack tote and handbag for Monday
3. Iron work clothes for Mon-Fri
4. Bake scrolls for lunch
5. Menu plan for next week
6.Wash clothes from week away and sort any washing in the laundry
7. Weekly plan into my diary.
8. Pack daycare bag and layout Flynn's clothes for Monday
9. Defrost muffins for Mon/Tues
10. Write out photo list for Blog
11. Write out Grocery list for next week.

And obviously all the normal mum stuff in between like lunches, baths, tidying etc. I am going to try and fit in as much play/quality time as possible in with Flynn as I have missed him a lot this week while I have been away. I am planning to take the afternoon off on Monday as well to go and do something special together.

What is on your to do list for this weekend?


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