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The Life of a Super Organized Mum

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Craft/ scrap room

I lOVE scrapbooking, I have been doing it for about 10 years but seriously for about the last 3. Capturing the memories and making sure they would be there for many many years became so much more important to me once my son was born. I wanted him to know not only about his life but also about our lives before we had him. When we built our house I was having a bit of a scrap break and did not really think about putting a craft room into this new home that we were building, I had gotten used to scrapping at the dinning room table and then having to pack it up each day.... soooooo annoying!!!
This room is like a walk through it is at the back of the house in a hallway leading through to the kids rooms, bathroom and playroom. There is a door off the main hallway so I can be shut off from the rest if the house but still watch Flynn play in the playroom. Although it is an unusual space it actually works quite well. There are 3 walls in which I could use as storage and so I made sure that I got as much as I possible into the room.
Here is an example of what is in some of the cupboards. I like to use storage boxes from Ikea to house most of my bits and pieces. They keep things neat and streamlined and everything has a place.

So when we moved this space that is now my craft room was originally a play nook, for about a week when we realized it was way too small and just was not going to work for one child let alone more in the future. So we went on a shopping trip to Ikea to outfit the room!!


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