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Friday, October 23, 2009

How does your garden grow ?

We are very new to gardening especially planting to eat. We decided to have a go at strawberries and we have been amazed at how easily they have grown in our garden and how many fruits we have !! It has been such a great experience for Flynn as well to not only watch them grow but also to help water/tend for them and then explaining to him when they are ready to be eaten.

We have planted a large fruit tree orchard in the backyard and hope next year to start seeing lots of fruits from these as well. And the vegie patch- well we want to get that done in the backyard as well- eventually, but for now we will just enjoy these sweet strawberries- lovingly grown by us. : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jade! We also planted Strawberries! We were given an off cut from FIL and brought it back from Toowoombah with us. We didnt think we would get any out of it as i wasnt sure if we had missed the season. But last week we got our 1st 3 of them! My 4 year old was so excited and i said when he finished kindy we would eat them.. But the magpies had other ideas and ate one and a half before we got to eat. He still got one, which was better then nothing i guess!

Do you know much more about them? Are we likely to get anymore or have we now missed the season.

Totally Addicted to your blog!


October 23, 2009 at 9:44 AM  

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