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The Life of a Super Organized Mum

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Painting

There is no need to pretend we all like painting with kids !! Lets be honest it is messy, there is a lot of set up and clean up and it generally only entertains my 2 year old for about 20 minutes. So why even do it? Well I like to give Flynn as many great/ educational experiences that I can at home. I work full time and so I do not have as much time as I would like to do things like this but whenever we can we are cooking, making play dough food, doing some craft or painting. I decided early on that I wanted to be a part of this fun stage of his development and that I was not going to leave it all up to daycare and playschool.

Although I love Flynn's daycare and he loves going there twice a week I also think they miss out on a lot of one on one time there as they have 15 toddlers in the room who all want to paint !! And so those are the reasons why I take the time and put up with the mess to be able to provide Flynn with those extra experiences at home which are also great fun for both of us : )

I have done Potato stamping a few times we make up some great gift tags for our Easter treats this year using Flynn's stamped Easter bunnies !! He seems to really enjoy the painting and creating different shapes. We just use cookie cutters we already have at home. This time I decided to lay out some long paper and let him go crazy outside- that way I did not have to worry about any mess !!

And this was the finished product : ) I drew around the spiders with a black pen and then gave them little faces. I then attached some orange popsticks to the back. Flynn can now give these out to his little friends for Halloween.


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